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Who do you think you are? How does your audience see you? How would you like your audience to be seeing you?

We work closely with our Clients to answer these questions.  Design starts with a story and without a great story, you can't have great design.



What we do

Listen.  We listen to our clients needs from practical information as to how spaces will be used and cost limitations, to the more abstract information such as philosophies and cultural narratives.  We respond to your viewpoint, rather than persuade, allowing us to provide a design based on what your needs are. 

Interpret.  We work closely with our clients to identify their needs and ideas and bring them to a reality, while priding ourselves in innovative design solutions that work within our clients’ budgets and time frames.  We organize your needs into a project that can fit like a glove or be more flexible for resale or lease, or make room for future development.  

Collaborate.  A successful project is the result of an interactive relationship between the client, designer, and a number of other team contributors.  

Design.  Our team is structured to support the development of your project from initial concept through construction.  Our approach is a hands-on educational approach that truly allows for a participatory relationship between the client and the design team.  Our goal is to design your space so distinctively that it becomes an advantage.




Operational Analysis.  Facility Analysis.  Project Management.  Architecture.  Interior Design. Foodservice.  Environmental Design and Branding.  3D Rendering.  Operational Analysis.  Master Planning.  Sustainable Design.